Raise Your Hand Campaign Press Conference (9/7/11).

Raise Your Hand Campaign Press Conference September 7, 2011

Raise Your Hand Campaign

Public education in the New Orleans East has never been properly invested in or managed, depriving many students of their right to a quality education.

Of all the forms of institutional oppression that young people face, they cite inadequate educational opportunities and the local public schools as the greatest source of day-to-day hardships; there is no public service that wields as much influence over their quality of life and their futures.

Press Conference Flyer – September 7, 2011 (Click for full image)

A concerted, localized educational equity campaign is now a primary focus of VAYLA’s civic engagement and social change agenda. High school youth meet bi-weekly to think strategically about advocating for solutions and building power. The youth are not only most affected by this injustice, but they are also naturally positioned to find solutions and to raise a collective voice.

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Community Clean-Up Day: No Time To Waste ! January 17, 2012Environmental Justice Campaign

VAYLA was born out of the struggle for environmental justice in post-Katrina New Orleans. The community-based effort to shut down the Chef Menteur landfill mobilized the youth and inspired them to assert their political voices, leading to the formation of the first youth organization in New Orleans East.

Although the Chef Menteur Landfill has been shut down, there are numerous illegal landfills in New Orleans East that continue to threaten the health of our community. Over the past three years, VAYLA has built a unified effort to end environmental injustices near our community and neighborhood. Our strategy is to amplify the voices of the youth, which demand an end to environmental oppression, and seek to envision a solution to toxic dumping that is ecologically sound and contributes to the health of our residents.


Ensuring Our Family a Healthy Future Campaign

With the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), healthcare services and access for Southeast Asian communities will be impacted by policy changes including mandates to buy health insurance, the development of insurance exchanges, and increased eligibility for public health services. In order to effectively ensure Southeast Asian communities are informed and are able to participate in the development of health care programs in their state, VAYLA and SEARAC will embark on a two-year effort to educate the Southeast Asian community about the impact of PPACA and to engage the Healthcare Reform Implementation process in Louisiana.

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