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Arne Duncan Addressed Two of our Program’s Most Pressing Issue

In yesterday’s New Orleans news conference, Arne Duncan addressed two of our program’s most pressing issues: 1) community enfrachisement in school restructuring/ closure process 2) inclusion and equitable treatment of special education and limited-English students at New Orleans charters. Congratulations to all of our youth leaders for their amazing work

Reed students present turnaround plan

Helium balloons bobbed in the Sarah T. Reed auditorium, pulling on strings that held them tied to seats and forming an arch on the stage. A group of 11 students comprising the Reed Renaissance Initiative had decorated the hall in preparation for their public presentation of their blueprint for the

Removing the mask of chartered schools

The city’s charter schools are continuing to show their true colors…or lack thereof. Last week, families of color at Ben Franklin protested the school’s refusal to provide bus transportation for students who live long distances from the school. The issue is critical because a large number of Franklin’s student population

N.O. East residents picket outside Ben Franklin High School

Roughly 30 students, parents and advocates representing both the Vietnamese and African-American communities gathered in the sun on the neutral ground across from Benjamin Franklin High School on May 17 for the school’s final board meeting of the year. They chanted and held signs with slogans like “beep, beep for

Ben Franklin High School bus service in eastern New Orleans requested

The Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association plans to hold a protest this afternoon outside a meeting of the board that governs Benjamin Franklin High School, one of the city’s magnet schools. The group says it has gathered “hundreds” of signatures from families in eastern New Orleans asking the school to begin offering bus

A Miracle in New Orleans Schools? Students Say, Not Quite

Thanks to an aggressive post-Katrina school reform movement, New Orleans is currently experiencing nothing short of an education miracle. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has called the charter-school-driven overhauls “stunning” and “remarkable.” Not so fast, says Linda Tran, a recent New Orleans high school graduate who, together with a progressive

New Orleans Is No Education ‘Miracle’

As a recent graduate of a New Orleans public high school, I find it very troubling that the national conversation about post-Katrina education amounts to little more than talking points about charter schools and test scores. The most telling indication of how we’re doing in the classroom actually comes from

Students Say New Orleans Schools Are No Education “Miracle”

Last year Education Secretary Arne Duncan infamously quipped that Hurricane Katrina was “the best thing that happened to the education system in New Orleans” because it swept away the city’s dysfunctional school system. Indeed, in the six years since the levees broke, the reform efforts in New Orleans schools have

VAYLA study reveals student concerns about quality of education at six city high schools

Those with the greatest stake in the city’s educational system – its students – came together today with criticisms and recommendations for reform. In what it’s calling the most extensive student-led evaluation of the New Orleans public school landscape since Hurricane Katrina, members of the Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association (VAYLA) have