Sinews in the Cypress: From Sustainability to Green Infrastructure

This month, VAYLA is honored to host Khai Nguyen, the co-founder of Veggi Farmers Cooperative, as we explore a variety of issues from sustainability to community organizing to green infrastructure, focusing on our own community of New Orleans East.


Sinews in the Cypress: Lincoln Beach’s Past, Present, and Future

Join VAYLA as we dive deep into the history, current activism, and future possibilities for Lincoln Beach. In this installment of our Sinews in the Cypress guest speaker series, Sage Michael will discuss all things Lincoln Beach. As a Lincoln Beach activist and founder of Sageville, Sage has been working for years cleaning the historical site and … Continued


Sinews in the Cypress: New Orleans in a More Uncertain World

Join VAYLA as we explore how climate change is impacting our community and making life more uncertain in our city. In this installment of Sinews in the Cypress guest speaker series, we bring in Julia Kumari Drapkin to discuss extreme weather in New Orleans. Julia is the CEO and founder of ISeeChange, an award winning climate change … Continued