Through comprehensive civic engagement, VAYLA encourages our multi-generational community members to not only vote, but to participate in all civic areas by learning the tools necessary to lead and organize for social change. Our goal is to bring awareness and visibility to the AAPI community in the Greater New Orleans Area through digital media, phone-banking and partnering with local community partners to provide in-language civic engagement resources. We explore conversations of identity, racial and ethnic solidarity, and how these issues can be exacerbated and potentially resolved through civic participation and civic education. Our program initiatives are rooted in our commitment to fortifying our AAPI communities through comprehensive civic engagement.

Local Elections & Voter Education

Register to vote in our upcoming Municipal election by visiting and create your voting plan!

Pardon the Jargon

Civic Engagement Vocab Breakdown! Through this series we want to make commonly used but confusing terms more accessible to our community. Exercising our right to vote is just as powerful as educating our communities on what this all means. Click the following images to learn more (Vietnamese translations included!)

Additional Resources

Community Survey

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