VAYLA’s Reproductive Justice program seeks to amplify AAPI voices in the effort to equip young people of color with the confidence to speak for themselves, and the skills and knowledge to do it effectively in order to influence public policy and discourse. The program aims to uplift and support the next generation of community leaders by implementing a reproductive justice framework to promote self-advocacy. We hold space for our community to discuss reproductive justice, gender, identity, sexuality, and self-care through an Asian American lens.

Ginger Roots: Storytelling & Reclamations

Ginger Roots is our storytelling program, in which we aim to uplift one another through our personal narratives. It is a collective healing space intended for AAPIs to reclaim our power, our bodies, and our stories through sharing in community.

The name ‘ginger roots’ is an homage to our ancestors and diaspora. Ginger is a flowering and healing herb, which envelops the body with its warm, aromatic and spicy flavor. It soothes not only the body but the soul. The healing properties of ginger have led to its widespread use throughout Asia and the diaspora. Ginger is symbolic of the enduring resilience of our refugee and immigrant heritage. It represents a balm for our souls.

Ginger Roots is a reclamation for our chance to heal our voices, to envelop all the senses, and to facilitate community healing.

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Our Bodies, Our Stories Podcast

Within the Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities, conversations surrounding Reproductive Justice tend to be silenced or overlooked. This series is an intentional space for us to explore conversations about anything and everything as it pertains to a reproductive justice framework using an AAPI lens and our cultural understanding.

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Blossoming and Becoming Podcast

Blossoming and Becoming AAPI College Transition Podcast Experience

Join us for eight episodes featuring university students sharing their experiences as AAPI individuals. They’ll discuss the challenges of transitioning into college, strategies for overcoming obstacles, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Learn more here and be sure to subscribe on Spotify!

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