Official Website Launch!

We are ecstatic to announce the beginning of the web archive–Rooting Storms: Remembering What Remains!

Rooting Storms is an ongoing Storytelling and Reimagining Data Equity project that aims to capture Asian American Pacific Islander diasporic stories in New Orleans and the Gulf South. VAYLA’s Executive Director, Jacqueline Thanh, MSW, started this project through the inaugural Harvard University Climate Justice Design Fellowship

Our web based story archive weaves across cultural and generational lines, languages, and borders–this project seeks to acknowledge climate trauma and make visible the invisible labor and displacement that generations of Asian American Pacific Islanders have experienced and continue to experience in Greater New Orleans and the Gulf South. 

We are reimagining Asian American Pacific Islander Community Power and Narratives in during rapidly increasing Climate Crises and ongoing Environmental Racism through Storytelling. This is a living breathing archive that intends to create dialogue with storytellers and community members. Through narrative plentitude and AAPI stories we can redefine data equity, mobility, and sovereignty for Asian Americans Pacific Islanders in New Orleans and beyond.

On the site you will find seven published stories–but also ways to submit your story and connect, give, and build. We look forward to building with you! Visit to learn more.